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Sir Stanley Matthews meets Prime Minister Churchill


St. Thomas F.C. is a leading manufacturer of quality football equipment, and casual apparel. The Company was created because the Universal sport of football needed innovative equipment products, which both embody, and combine the old school tradition of the sport, with modern technology. Thus, the Sir Stanley Matthews Collection was born. Sir Stanley Matthews, “The Magician,” was one of the greatest footballers ever. He played over fifty games for England, and was the first footballer ever, to be knighted by British royalty. Further, he contributed immensely, to the development of the game and coached around the world. Additionally, St. Thomas F.C. is represented by Hana Nitsche, a Supermodel, and Chishimba Changala, a professional player. St. Thomas F.C. is also the official manufacturer of many FIFA national professional teams. The ghost of Sir Stanley still roams all soccer pitches, and he has one question, "can you play all eleven positions?"

St. Thomas F.C. Leadership is committed to delivering high performance items that will help every footballer reach a higher level. St. Thomas FC products have been featured by leaders of the following: Maxim, USYS, NSCAA, Elite tournaments, and Cal South. St. Thomas F.C. Leadership will donate a portion of all profits to UNHCR, and the Sir Stanley Matthews Football Foundation.